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three happy things

Oh my fantabulous, where have I been? Yes, I know, it’s been 3 whole weeks that I’ve been AWOL. Well what actually happened is… we moved house, I had all intention of blogging, and then our internet connection didn’t happen until… today.

The backstory (very abbreviated) – Stephen and I decided to go with a Telstra foxtel-homephone-bigpond bundle. Foxtel and homephone were connected at lightning speed. Bigpond however, bungled my order 3 times. THREE times. Finally, several phone calls, lots of clarification and a very impatient tap-tap-tapping Sharon and 3 excruciating weeks later, the nice Bigpond man came over today and got me all hooked up. And now there’s lightning fast innernets.

Of course, as happens often in Sharon-land, things don’t just get bungled, they get bungled GOOD. You know, besides them messing up my order 3 times. For one, they spelled our username: sky-rigger. The Sky Riggers! Those of you that know S’s last name will giggle. And we can’t change it unless we want to open another order and wait again! No thanks. Also, since my back was particularly moody today, I was incapacitated and unable to USE my new lightning fast internet until much later in the day! Grumble.

I have no idea how I survived 3 weeks being disconnected.

Meanwhile, the new house is LOVELY. We have had a LOT of settling in to do, unpacking of 150++ boxes, cleaning from head the toe (the old owners had a sheddy dog. Imagine finding dog hair even IN the tallest kitchen cupboards. eww.) Getting our furniture in. Getting painting sorted. We’re still in disarray, although finally, we’re feeling like it’s liveable.

And did I mention that in the middle of all that, whilst I was still in painpainpain, Natalie and I ran the Victorian Salsa State Titles event with over 200 people attending and over 19 competitors, and I flew to Sydney to judge the Australian Salsa Classic? Oh, and in the midst of that, as you do, I also went to Yea twice to teach some kids, trained up my competitors for the Australians and completed an e-learning module for a company? Yup, busiest 3 weeks of my life, and all whilst moving house.

Just as well I didn’t have internet connectivity. I either didn’t have time to blog or it would’ve been a tragic daily account of the vagaries of the above!

I can’t show you pictures of my new place just yet – it’s slowly taking shape aesthetically, but very slowly, but I can show you some pictures of the happy things so far:

Number 1 has got to be, constantly having gorgeous freshly cut flowers everywhere, from my own garden.

fresh flowers from gardenfresh cut garden flowers

fresh cut flowers and gong ornament

annnnd next to the gorgeous gong Maria and Gab bought me!

Happiness item number 2 is seeing my shoe collection properly archived in a library. In fact, it was the second thing I unpacked after daily necessities. Practical, that’s me.

shoe cabinet display billy bookcase ikea

ahhh. blissful.

And happiness inducement number 3, is the one corner of our new home that is actually ready and gorgeous. This also happens to be the favourite furniture item we’ve bought – an antique Chinese kitchen pantry. We use it as a bar. The painting above, S and I bought in Vietnam – and we love it! All that this nook needs now is to have the painting properly mounted, and there you have it, the one viewable part of our otherwise still in transition home.

dining room / bar with asian antique cabinet, vietnamese art

one side of our dining room... I lovvvvve it!

I will post lots more soon, about a variety of different things, from dancing, to consulting, to more home stuff – having an internet drought means I’ve been saving up blog topics like a squirrel hoards nuts. Wahee! But for now, back to work.


home making

Those of you who know me well probably cringed at the title of this post. Sharon, a home-maker? Surely not!

Well not quite, I’m not about to hang up my corporate suits yet to don a full time apron (will I ever? Probably not). But I DO cook a mean meal, and lately because of pending new house moments of happiness, I’ve been particularly obsessed with furniture hunting, making lovely style palettes for all the different rooms, and whatnot.

Here’s some furniture that S and I purchased last week, to our absolute JOY. We have discovered in the journey of planning our home together, that we have exceedingly similar tastes, which is wonderful! In particular, we both love a juxtaposition of modern furniture and Asian antiques. We’d already bought all our “regular” furniture – bed, dining table, couch, and wanted a few stunning antiques to pull it all together. So, deep breaths, here goes:

1. A Gorgeous Entry/Hall Table

This piece stood out for us because of it’s unique lines, it’s sturdy legs, the scalloping and its un-finished look.

Oriental Antique Hall Table

2. Dining Room Sideboard/Buffet

We wanted something that would stand out next to our ultra modern, square dining table and the clean lines of plain chocolate leather chairs. Tada!

Dining Room Sideboard / Buffet

3. Feature Piece – Our Bar / Alcohol Cabinet

We don’t drink a lot between the 2 of us, but we sure love to entertain. This was the perfect piece in our opinion, and we were THRILLED when we found it! It’s actually an old kitchen cabinet, the equivalent of a modern day pantry, with grilled cupboard doors to allow air to circulate with the foodstuffs! I love the color of this piece – it’s going to look incredible as a feature in our hall, with a dark wall behind it and one of the art pieces we bought in Vietnam last year, hanging above it!

Oriental antique sideboard / buffet bar / pantry cupboard

What do you think so far, is the house coming along nicely? We haven’t even moved in yet and I think so!!!