terp·si·cho·re·an / ˌtərpsikəˈrēən

Adjective: Of or relating to dancing: ““the twist” was a revolutionary terpsichorean innovation”.
Noun: A dancer.

Sharon Pakir is a specialist instructor and performer in salsa, mambo (on2 salsa/New York style salsa), cha cha, bachata and merengue, as well as a certified Zumba instructor. Sharon is recognized internationally, having been invited to teach and perform at dance events in cities all around the world.

Sharon’s foremost passion in dance is teaching. Her teaching methods are clear and nurturing, and her ability to communicate to people the joy of dance is unsurpassed. While Sharon focuses on technical precision in dancing, she also emphasizes teaching musicality, the importance of meaningful interaction, and how to communicate with your partner and express yourself while dancing.

Sharon is known around the world for her unique teaching methods, which emphasize not just dance itself but how to use dance as a tool to enrich one’s life in aspects ranging from posture and deportment to engagement and communication skills. Through this, along with her professional achievements, Sharon has helped to put Melbourne and Australia on the world salsa map.

Sharon Pakir at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2009

Sharon Pakir at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2009

A regular at salsa congresses around the world, Sharon was selected to instruct, with Gupson Pierre, at the West Coast Salsa Congress in 2006, the largest salsa event in the world. Sharon is Melbourne’s first and only salsa instructor who has taught at this event, which draws over 25,000 dancers from over 42 countries each year.

In 2004, Sharon emerged the Australian Salsa Champion after taking part in the Tropicana Australian Salsa Competition.She was also named the Victorian International Dancesport Association Salsa Champion in both 2004 and 2005. In 2007, Sharon and her Singaporean dance partner Wee Tze Yi emerged the top Singaporean couple winning the ASEAN Salsa Championship. As a result, Sharon regularly represents Singapore and Australia when attending international dance events.

Sharon teaches and performs all over Australia, having been invited to every major latin event held Australia-wide. She consistently commands full-house attendances for her renown workshops in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra. Sharon now sits as an adjudicator of many salsa competitions. Each year, she judges at the World Qualifier, Australian Salsa Classic and the Australian Salsa Solo Competition in Sydney. She also brings teams to perform at international and interstate events; since 2007, she has regularly led student and professional dance teams to perform in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, all over Australia and New Zealand, where they wowed international audiences.


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