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travel essentials for a glamour girl

With such a hectic travel schedule, it has become easy to pack for trips – at least when it comes to my makeup/skincare! Having honed it down to a fine art and understand exactly what I need is essential to getting packed, pronto! It’s not easy for a girly girl like me to pack, particularly when many of my trips revolve around performances and over the top makeup/skincare needs. What is fantastic is having a simple makeup kit I can just grab and throw into my suitcase, knowing it will be sufficient for any occasion.

Today I thought I would post my travel makeup essentials that will take you through any occasion from work to play and even performance, whilst fitting into a small cosmetics pouch! Many of you who read this blog are avid travellers and/or dancers as well, so I hope this helps you.

Here are the steps I went through in creating my perfect makeup kit for travel:

1. Invest in a Makeup Palette that’s perfect for me

Over the years, I have purchased many makeup palettes, hoping they would be the holy grail of everything I need. Being a brown skinned girl though, it’s difficult to get palettes that suit my skintone, or that have universally useful sections. Finally though, I have found my 2 holy grail palettes. The first is by Bobbi Brown, and involves her fantastic customisable 6-pan palette. When I found out about these babies, I was in heaven!

bobbi brown 6 pan palette

bobbi brown 6 pan palette

Mine contains: 1 Cream foundation, 1 shimmer blush, 2 neutral eyeshadows, 1 black eyeshadow, 1 lip gloss. These are enough for me to create a day or night look, and everything in between. Yes, the cost for setting it up initially was a little steep, but it’s so worth it.

The other palette I have found to be holy grail worthy, is Lancome’s Tendre Voyage palette. Pictured below, you’ll see that it has everything I need, plus the quality of pigments mean they look fabulous on my tan skin.

With either of these palettes, I can do almost all my makeup with just the one slim item, and build for color/coverage as needed!

Lancome Tendre Voyage Palette

Lancome Tendre Voyage Palette

2. Found a foundation that is fuss-free

This is just about the only budget makeup item I use – Za 2-way foundation that I buy in bulk at Watson’s stores in Singapore everytime I’m home. I’ve been using it since I was 19, and let me tell you, this is the best foundation out there. It can be used wet or dry, can be used for a dewy day look or a fully-coveraged night look. It’s compact, travels well, comes with a great sponge, and even though I’ve strayed many times to try Chanel, Lancome, Becca, Nars and Bobbi Brown foundations, my $20 Za compact always emerges my faithful winner. Plus, the compact is sleek so great for travel, especially this PINK special edition one for 2010!!

Za 2-way Foundation

Za 2-way Foundation

3. A brush set that does it all

I usually pack my Bobbi Brown mini brush set when I travel – these have a new iteration every year so wait for the holiday season and get it then! It’s super small but has no compromise on quality or denseness of the bristles. Mine’s lasted a good 4 years now of constant travel and use, so you know they’re worth the splurge!

Bobbi Brown Mini Brush set

Bobbi Brown Mini Brush set

4. A few extras for gorgeous eyes

If I’m performing or appearing at an event, the eyes need to do some heavy duty impressing. So I pack:

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner – this baby just wears and wears and wears, all night, without smudging. I can make a subtle or dramatic look. And I know I’m supposed to invest in the eyeliner brush but I tend to use the lipliner brush from the set above. *naughty*

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

L’oreal Automatic Eye Liner – Super light and slim, long wearing, great sharp lines, no sharpener needed. Perfection. When I travel this also doubles as eyebrow pencil.

L'oreal Pencil Perfect Eyeliner

L'oreal Pencil Perfect Eyeliner

Maybelline mascara – for pretty peepers!

Fake Eyelashes & Eyelash Glue – I stock up on these when I go to Asia – they’re so cheap and individually packaged so I can throw a couple of pairs in my makeup case and dispose of after one use! A tip – I use black eyelash glue, which makes ten times more sense than the white goopy stuff!

fake eyelashes

Shimmer – A tiny pot of white shimmer goes a long way dabbed on eyelids, brow bone, inner corner of eyes, decolletage, anywhere you want to glow, pop, you know, SHINE. I favour the I-nuovi and MAC ones.

shimmer powder

5. Some pucker agents

All I need in this case are:

1x red lipstick (Chanel Rouge Allure); 1x lipgloss (Lancome Juicy Tube)

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

Lancome Juicy Tube

Lancome Juicy Tube

And I’m good to go. I use one or the other, or can layer a smudge of red lippie with gloss for a subtle kissed-all-night stain, OR just swipe that lippie on heavily with a light coat of foundation underneath it, for all night glamourpuss lips.

So there you go – all I have in that makeup pouch is:

  • 1x palette
  • 1x foundation compact
  • 1x compact brush set
  • Eye stuff – eye pencil, gel eyeliner, mascara, shimmer pot
  • Lipstick & Lipgloss

All this fits comfortably into a case that is about 6 by 4 inches, and weighs almost nothing! Plus if you wanted to hand carry it, it all passes the TSA guidelines and fits in a Ziploc bag comfortably! Have I ever worried that I don’t have enough on me? Never. Ever. This kit has seen me through huge stage performances, job interviews, teaching, beach holidays, and more.

One last note – I have a travel makeup case and a daily use makeup case. This way when I pack, I just grab the travel one. It doesn’t make sense to keep repacking when I am on the road every 3 weeks! I also keep one set of my travel makeup at my office so I don’t lug anything but a lipgloss around with me daily! So simplifying!

Stay tuned for my skincare travel essentials!


domestic goddess guide

My personal recipe for using up the Broccoli in the fridge (or any other tired looking vegetables). This pleases me so because I am absolutely that person who has GREAT intentions when supermarket shopping, and then ends up a week later with all these vegetables in the fridge I can’t really use because they look well, bedraggled, but don’t want to waste.

Sharon’s Vegetable Soup (Broccoli & Mushroom in this case)

  1. Stare at tired looking broccoli in fridge.
  2. Discover package of mushrooms you have no other use for.
  3. Sautee 1 onion in olive oil whilst you chop up broccoli extremely randomly.
  4. Chuck some garlic in the pan if you so desire.
  5. Throw broccoli into pan.
  6. Dump mushrooms in pan. Splash leftover white wine over it all.
  7. Consider having a sip, and realize it’s inappropriate.
  8. Boil water for stock, use Massel powder and mix up a crapload of it as you’re not sure how much you need.
  9. Give the pan a stir. When everything seems right, pour stock over it to cover.
  10. Let simmer, covered, until all vegetables are soft.
  11. Pour the leftover cream from last night’s steak dinner into the pan. Sit and think about that awesome steak. Stir it all through.
  12. Toast some bread.
  13. Use your bamix or blender to blend to a creaminess. Season to taste.
  14. Stir some cheese through if you want.
  15. Enjoy!

jewellery and busy me

We’re moving house in just 2.5 months, and I’m starting to look around at decor ideas, organization ideas, and of course, general inspiration for helping the transition from an apartment to a house!

This, I absolutely love – using cute ice cube trays for sorting my endless supply of earrings. Most career women are busy, have crazy schedules, and of course still want to look well-presented and gorgeously accessorised! Whilst the idea of a gorgeous, classic jewellery box is nice, fumbling around in the early morning through a crowded small jewellery box just doesn’t cut it for early morning scrambles to get out the door.
In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked out the door completely un-accesorised simply because I couldn’t be bothered scrounging around for matching earrings and committing to the “untangling of the necklaces” war.
jewellery organization by ikea hacker

jewellery organization idea by ikea hacker

Original post at ikeahacker.

birthday thanks

Dear friends,

Thank you for all your birthday wishes, gifts, hugs, phone calls, smses and more. I am stunned by the generosity, love, wishes and hopes you have all expressed and lavished upon me yesterday. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world, and turning one year older to become 23 (*sobbing*) was meant to be a painful day, and instead you all successfully kept my yearly birthday rage at bay because all the warm fuzzies kept taking over instead due to the unrelenting reminders of wonderful relationships and friendships I have.

The day started out as a comedy of errors, with idiotic running stockings, clumsy me, some rage, and general dismay at a bad day pending. However nothing prepared me for the onslaught of delivery after delivery of gifts/flowers, cake, cards, smses and general messages filled with happiness and great well wishes.

Today, in the aftermath, I have walked into work after being fed at a gorgeous dinner yesterday, to an office filled with flowers, cards and gifts, emails and other reminders of how truly fantastic yesterday was, and a general reminder that I am so very loved.

I love all of you too! Warm! Fuzzy! Whee! Thank you!


the one who will eventually get to thinking about the oldness. probably tonight. wait for the sobbing phone call!