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a romantic saturday

Today, unlike most days this last week, the pain abated and didn’t plague me till about 5pm. It was like heaven came and teased me with a few hours of freedom. I made sure to make good use of this though, and so did S – we spent an extremely happy afternoon doing the things we love, together.


  1. Went to Orient Express and bought our sideboard/tv unit for the loungeroom, which is the final piece before that room is complete!
  2. Bought a gorgeous antique asian ceramic/porcelain stool. So kitsch, and I adore it! Pictures coming after I clean it up a bit.
  3. Found some potential lamps/vases for dining and loungeroom. I am loving decorating!
  4. Went to Bunnings and had a field day buying gardening supplies.


Of course all this makes for a massive day for Lil Ms Currently Crippled, so by the time we got home the agony had set in. But I didn’t care – I’d had a taste of a gorgeous date afternoon with my lovely man, and it has been too long since we’ve had one of those… It was… heaven.



Sharon Pakir & Steve

At my birthday party earlier this year.





mirthful, not.

Tonight, the pain is debilitating. I struggle to make it up the stairs to bed after laying comatose on the couch for a couple of hours. We’re lying in bed, S is giving me a cuddle.

Me: Oh honey, the pain is excruciating.

S: So how would you describe the pain? Major or just achey?

Me: Major pain.

S: MAJOR PAIN! (salutes himself, giggling with glee)

Me: Huh?

S: Major Pain! Geddit? Geddit? (collapses into another bout of mirth)

Me: Major Pain? That’s what YOU are. I’ll give you stars and stripes to prove it!

S: Can’t talk! Too much laughter! (he’s guffawing now and STILL saluting himself over and over).

I roll away and mumble to self. He can’t stop laughing.

He is never watching “How I Met Your Mother” again.

things my boyfriend says

Me (excitedly): “So are you going to carry me over the threshold on our first day in new house???”

Him: “I’ve carried your hundreds of boxes over the threshold, surely that counts??”

a gem of a man

S does many things that make me, on a daily basis (and most times more often) reflect in wonderment at how I’ve managed to snag such a great dude. He is chivalrous, romantic, a man of his word, stoic, strong and well, oh so handsome.

And how can you resist a man who, when supermarket shopping sees you randomly mumble to yourself about craving just one can of lychee juice, hastily and without a moments thought, rushes to SHOVE 6 cans of the delectable stuff into the trolley?

I drank one last night, saw the dent from the shoving into trolley in haste to please me moment, and smiled to myself.

Yeo's Lychee Drink

yumminess with a dent of love

Always remember this, as it’s a lesson I took way too long to learn – if someone says they love you, they will likely try and do the “grand gestures” and fulfil the needs and desires you have that are difficult, and sporadic. Anyone can proclaim grandiose desires and intentions and try and prove them.

But it is a rare and worthwhile love who on a daily basis, seeks to be thoughtful and loving enough to do the little, easy, simple things, everyday, every time, without question or needing anything back in return. It’s the one who respects you on the little agreements, who wants to provide your daily comforts, who demonstrates with his every intention and action his true feelings, with whom the grandiose things are just icing on the cake.

delusional man = wonderful

So I’m sitting there reading a blog, and exclaiming, full of pouts and envy, about how absolutely stunning this fashion blogger is. I mean, she’s is out of this world beautiful, and photographs a charm to boot. I am in absolute awe and cannot stop staring at her perfection.

Me: (pointing at screen) oh WOW, this girl is so gorgeous!

Him: (looks up, glances over, looks back down) Nope.

Me: Uh, I think you need to look again, because you are clearly BLIND.

Him: (looks again) No way.

Me: What do you mean? This girl is stunning! Look at her eyes, her face, her hair, her legs!

Him: Honey, quit squawking. She’s not beautiful.

Me: Ok, WHAT makes her decidedly NOT beautiful??

(Note – i don’t know why I got so worked up but somehow I want him to have the same taste in women as I do!)

Him: She’s not you.

And off he goes, back to reading his own thing. Like he didn’t even have to think about it.

That, everyone, is love. Deluded surely, but oh ever so pleasing love.