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mirthful, not.

Tonight, the pain is debilitating. I struggle to make it up the stairs to bed after laying comatose on the couch for a couple of hours. We’re lying in bed, S is giving me a cuddle.

Me: Oh honey, the pain is excruciating.

S: So how would you describe the pain? Major or just achey?

Me: Major pain.

S: MAJOR PAIN! (salutes himself, giggling with glee)

Me: Huh?

S: Major Pain! Geddit? Geddit? (collapses into another bout of mirth)

Me: Major Pain? That’s what YOU are. I’ll give you stars and stripes to prove it!

S: Can’t talk! Too much laughter! (he’s guffawing now and STILL saluting himself over and over).

I roll away and mumble to self. He can’t stop laughing.

He is never watching “How I Met Your Mother” again.


replace “turtle” with “spine”

And you pretty much have the image I go to sleep with every time I try to do something beyond mild/light activity, and need a nap.

Motivator - Turtle is not Angry-1

things my boyfriend says

Me (excitedly): “So are you going to carry me over the threshold on our first day in new house???”

Him: “I’ve carried your hundreds of boxes over the threshold, surely that counts??”

oh em eff gee

was looking through some old photos and this from the Bali Salsa Festival 2010 made me giggle out loud – it was a nightclub called….

Vi Ai Pi – which is VIP phonetically! AWESOMENESS! It was so good that I had to quickly snap this shot whilst on the back of JC’s motorbike, risking life and limb to bring you today’s episode of Engrish.

vi ai pi bali


When japanese and italian cuisine merge to create delicious, exotic pasta, and a couple of moments of mirth.

engrish menu