surprisingly, i am missing…


Yes, you heard me right. I  miss Zumba. Teaching and dancing Salsa, Bachata, Mambo, Samba and Cha cha were just amazing, but after four weeks of bed rest, it is Zumba I miss.


1. Fitness

Well. I am currently looking at my once lithe body and realising that for the first time in my life, I am flabby. There is no muscle tone anywhere, because there has been no exercise, and it troubles me. Zumba was the one thing kind of exercise-y I could bear (no icky gyms, yay!), and its impact on my body tone was incredible. Two Zumba sessions a week, and my abs, butt and legs toned up super quick! I miss having that fitness reflected in my body. Plus, I’m vain!

2. Fun

Zumba was electrifyingly fun. Dance is my oxygen and will never be replaced, but Zumba was becoming my let-my-hair-down Friday night activity. Sometimes you just want to let your hair down and REALLY let your body move and pump to music. Zumba was fantastic for this, plus getting a workout bonus!

3. Teaching

Teaching Zumba fitness was so different to teaching dance, because it was so different, and attracted different people. For one thing, music is playing the whole time, meaning you don’t need to talk a lot. For another, there’s something very special about seeing people who want a jolt of fitness in their mundane evening, walk out feeling energized, and sweaty but smiling!

At this stage I have no idea if I will be resuming teaching Zumba anytime soon. Getting back to dance is my number one priority, but I’ll be realllly happy when I can do it all. Sigh.

Do you love Zumba? Perhaps all of you can do a Zumba class this week on my behalf? 🙂


3 responses to “surprisingly, i am missing…

  1. Totally agree with everything written!! I love Zumba for the same reasons-its so easy and you leave with a total high! It’s awesome seeing all the different types of people enjoying dance AND fitness combined..the class really just lets you grooooove and enjoy the music…ahhh oh so simple 🙂

  2. you are NAY missing me?

  3. Of course I am, I MISS Zumba in the day time but you – i cry myself to sleep every night thinking about it.

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