new home: final inspection tips

S is, with reckless abandon I think, allowing me to conduct the final home inspection before settlement, myself. I’ll be assisted by his lovely mum (excursions are still a problem), but I’ve never been a home owner and err, am not so good on the attention to detail!

trashed house

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Of course I know to look out for well, major disasters, but I’m terrified I’ll miss something huge that everyone knows about except silly little sheltered me.

So keeping in mind that I’m completely new to this, have been an apartment dweller for most of my adult life, and was blissfully ignorant of all house maintenance stuff when living with my parents, what are your tips on what to look out for at the inspection?

My lovely friend Ping has already given me some sound advice:

  • Turn every light fixture on and off
  • Run the water and look under the sinks for any leaks
  • Open and close all doors including the garage door. Make sure they shut properly!
  • Check for any hinge gaps
  • Flush all toilets and no leakage. Ensure the ball valve is working! (Sharon: What’s a ball valve??)
  • Check for an inlet and outlet for the washing machine
  • Inspect ceilings for any cracks, wall and floors.
  • Open and close all windows.
  • Make sure you have all the keys for all windows, side doors etc. Test them.
  • Are they disconnecting the telephone? If not, check that it works.
  • Inspect the morning, easier to detect faults!

Helllllp me (and anyone else who reads this)! Please comment with your favourite home inspection tips so I can make a checklist and impress S with my amazingness!


4 responses to “new home: final inspection tips

  1. CHECK FOR TERMITES. Andrew recently moved in to a place that is infested. Did they think to knock on their dining table and chairs before moving in? No. Wood shavings everywhere– not a pretty sight.

  2. Sharon – just pay for an independent inspector to come out and do a report normally gets to u within days – who will check for animals in the roof like termites and more! Asbestos….and any with your report use it to get a better price for your place! xo good luck! leave a deposit but put subject to inspector report.

  3. Hi Julie- thanks for that! It’s the final inspection though – we’ve already purchased! Hopefully it all goes smooooothly!

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