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For your weekend reading pleasure, some of the articles that caught my eye this last week as I attempt to read the whole of the internet whilst rehab goes on.

President Obama and well, everyone, condemns Koran burning plan by the crazy man.

Michael J Fox thinks we should keep funding stem cell research and my personal experience agrees.

I have been touting this theory for years, as an avid post workout milk drinker. I don’t know why but milk tastes SO good when you’re exhausted and just feels nourishing, and now the research is out, it may even be better than sports drinks as a post workout beverage.

Interviews with sole survivors of tragedies – a sobering read.

Living Room – the floor planning app for the iPad. Lots of fun for home-planning me and maybe you too!

A circle diagram via Creately (my favourite free online diagramming tool for those of us that don’t buy Visio) – the differences between European and African slavery.

The prettiest stationery store with the best attitude towards customer service.

Sometimes I already do forget that watermelons are supposed to have seeds. I flick them out of my mouth, surprised and not in the happy way.

This lady has dedication beyond anyone I know. Call dancers passionate about their craft, whatever. She spent 135 000 British pounds to look like Britney Spears. And maintains it!

The Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore has amazing, amazing ads (NSFW). Clever, creative and hits home. My friend in Singapore tells me she hasn’t seen them out though. Perhaps too racy? Any Singaporeans seen them out?

Update on BP and the gulf disaster, and their report. It’s called root cause analysis people, not “blame shifting”. Yes, it was a tragedy, but my feelings towards it are summed up by this comment nicely. PS, I’d like to see the US govt do such a detailed root cause analysis report about the underlying factors within its culture that  a “kill team” of US soldiers in Iraq would kill civilians for sport and take their fingers as souvenirs.

This dating research from OKCupid is incredible!

A Chinese woman is suing a cinema for  “wasting her time” by rolling pre-movie ads. Ludicrous.

PS, most of these are taken from what I twitter about daily, but I find that readers of my site don’t follow me on twitter and vice versa!


2 responses to “recently reading

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  2. Aww, thanks Sharon. Honoured to have been part of the recently read list! I blogged about this here:

    P.S.: Read your other post about the home office. Lady, that is quite a well-stocked bar!!

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