things to miss

S and I are now officially moving in less than a month. It has been 10 years since I’ve lived in a house, a proper house in the suburbs, with a garden and multiple rooms and spaces that designate single use, like the dining room. It has been this apartment for the last 7 years almost, and there are several things I’m going to miss about it.

Southbank Melbourne - Arts Centre & Federation Square

the view every night

This is my third last weekend here, the place where spent my majority of my twenties. My bachelorette pad, so to speak.

10 things I’m going to miss about apartment living in the city:

  1. Listening to the city go to sleep with the last tram, sometimes a siren or two, the last of the bar scene’s merrymakers merrily heading home, the last few cars speeding home to bed.
  2. Being able to walk into the city in 10 minutes flat, and enjoy the bustle of the Southgate precinct and footbridge over the Yarra enroute be it sunrise, dusk, or mid afternoon sunny.
  3. Always knowing when Moomba, the Grand Prix, MCG games, Myer Music Bowl concerts (Big Day Out), ANZAC day parade and St Kilda Rd traffic jams are on just by looking out a window or listening carefully.
  4. Knowing at the end of a big night out with friends that everyone should really just adjourn to my place for further drinks and fun.
  5. Never having to pay more than $10 for a cab to an event, to work, or to a meeting if I didn’t feel like walking. (*cough* not that this happens most days or anything *cough*)
  6. Being able to call my 8 pot plants a “garden”, and going to Bunnings being a novelty.
  7. Having the best view in the city of the New Years Eve fireworks every year, and indeed any fireworks happening throughout the year, without having to move more than 20 metres onto one of the balconies.
  8. Being able to walk to some of the finest restaurants in Melbourne for date nights with my gorgeous man, along the Yarra. Incredibly lovely way to start a romantic dinner date. And at the end of the date, stumbling home hand in hand under the stars.
  9. That the most handy-man type thing I have to do is drill holes in the walls for my artwork.
  10. Never ever having to worry about burglars, intruders, possums, rats, insects or any other yukky things, being 20 storeys high in a secure building.
Southgate melbourne - watching the new years eve fireworks

New Years Eve Fireworks from the balcony

Not that this is entirely a bad thing – moving in with S is like a dream come true and a perfectly fitting way to mark the beginning of our life together, and home ownership is just going to be an incredible experience.

Sunset in Southbank, Melbourne

Sunset from my bedroom

I think many of my girlfriends would agree that at some point in our childhood, we dreamed about someday being that young lady in her twenties, in a cosmopolitan city, in a cool bachelorette pad, building amazing memories with her friends. I’ve somehow managed to live that dream so luckily, and this next 3 weeks is going to be full of reminiscing of the times I’ve had here.

And then after that? Well, the rest of the fairytale plays out! *grin*


2 responses to “things to miss

  1. Hi Sharon
    I have the same view from my bedroom as your photographs from my apartment. I wish you every happiness on your new and exciting journey.
    p.s. you don’t have to be in your twenties to enjoy city living. I’m living proof of that. hahaha
    Susie 🙂

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