i love jars. that is all.

I love jars. I love honey. I love honey jars.

I go through a lot of honey, being a honey in my tea, drizzled on my oatmeal, marinating my chicken, on my toast kinda girl. And I buy all my honey from Aldi, where it comes in these 250ml jars for just $2.99 a jar. Confession: I have been known to get upset with people when they try to throw out a used up jar of honey.

Why? BECAUSE I LOVE THE JARS (I thought we had covered this people). Re-using jars is my little way of contributing to the environment cause, because I’m so aware of being such a huge consumer. And, I decide, I will be my own little environmentalist in ways that are easy for me to achieve. I figured I would share all my JAR GOODNESS methods, because maybe they can help you save the earth a little too and stop you buying plastic containers, or leeching nasty plastic toxins into your food. So really, I’m saving your life, too. I am your hero.

You may also rub my belly for luck if you come visit and bring food. I am feeling so generous today.

1. Jars as tupperware

I use jars for keeping all kinds of food, in the freezer or fridge, or for toting a packed lunch/brekkie and even keeping condiments in the pantry. I’m trying to go eventually plastic-free in my kitchen so jars are coming in very handy for this! Let me list the ways:

  • Make massive batches of soup. Jar. Freeze or fridge. Microwave. Eat/drink.
  • Storage for nuts/soychips/snacks in small snackable portions
  • Make massive batch of pasta sauce and jar with cooked pasta. Freeze or fridge. Microwave. Pour into bowl. Eat!
  • Take fresh fruit smoothie or cooked oatmeal to work for breakfast. Steve makes a fresh fruit smoothie every morning and we also make a batch of oatmeal for the week of brekkies in the ricecooker (a post for another time!)
  • You get the idea.

2. Jars as itty bitty pieces of things storage

I use jars to sort – hair ties, hair pins, international coinage that inevitably gets carted home every trip, spare buttons for clothes, erasers and staple refills, anything small and that usually gets relegated to that top junk drawer everyone must surely have in their homes. And if you don’t have a random junk drawer (or 6) I don’t want to know about it because you’ll make me cry from feeling utterly unworthy of your domestic god(dess) nature.

3. Jars as fire safety romance assisters

Love tea light candles? Don’t want to be carted off to jail for being a nasty firebug with arsonist tendencies? Would rather snuggle up to your loved ones in FULL knowledge that you are holding safety first?

I LOVE using tea lights in jars, especially when I think there is some probability of sleep overtaking the “get out of bed and blow them out” urge. Also, in our new house, I’m really excited about having dusk-time tea light parties out on the deck that will be so full of ambience and prettiness. With hundreds of jars. Uh huh. Imagine the amount of honey I’ll have to ingest!

I hope the above suggestions have been useful, and that you are now excitedly taking stock of your pantry to see what jars you can save – coffee jars, pesto jars, pasta sauce jars, honey jars, and all that jazz! Life improvements are exciting!

DISCLAIMER: I am sometimes blogging under the influence of da good woosa tablets those great doctors prescribed for pain management. Excuse the sometimes lapse into the WOOSA!


3 responses to “i love jars. that is all.

  1. You’re hilarious CW and I love this post.

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