recovery plan 1

Well. I’ve been pretty morose – it’s not really in my nature to lie still for days at a time. Nor is it particularly fun or easy hanging out on a mattress on my living room floor, unable to do much more than be in a pleasant stupor from the WOOSA painkillers, or snarl at Steve and Mum in a delightfully wingeful tone, or attempt to read everything in sight.

So I started poking around the house for motivation for recovery. And here’s the first.


Gorgeous Zara Heels

Aren’t they just beauties? I picked them up in Singapore, knowing full well I couldn’t wear heels for a few more weeks with my ankle. Now with my back, who knows? Still, I’m not the glamourous shoe queen for nothing, and if there is NO other reason (and there certainly are), I’ll be striving to get better because a lovely pair of shoes like this surely can’t go to waste.

pink zara heels

4 inch stiletto loveliness

I’ve already started dreaming up the summer outfits that will do these babies justice. Floral dresses, little black cocktail numbers, skinny jeans, denim shorts… Which gives me just a few months to get this spine back into “wearing heels” mode. And these aren’t the only pair. In the last 2 months I’ve acquired (ahem) a large number of gorgeous footwear, and wardrobe to match. Will be blogging all about it soon, rather frivolously, as it’s rather tragic I won’t get to wear it all for a while.

And now lastly, before we take one last look at these lovelies, I must just say:

A big thank you to all of you. The aching fear in my heart and supreme upset I felt has been so assisted by all your loving words – your messages, your emails, your support, your random visits to my apartment to foist upon me giggles, nourishment and help, your facebook posts, your smses, everything. From people near and far, friends and professional contacts, all of you, your stories, your flowers, your words, they have all meant ever so much. Thank you.

And now back to the shoes.

zara stilettos


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