holiday or work trip?

The lack of posting hasn’t because I’ve fallen off the face of the planet – it’s because we’ve been full swing ahead on planning for our absence, given that we depart on Tuesday for our trip.

Trip? Yes! Myself, S, and my dance team are off to the Malaysia Salsa Festival in KL, and the India Salsa Congress in Bangalore. Teaching, performing and generally living a very TOUGH lifestyle exploring foreign lands, attending awesome dancing parties, and well, dancing our heads off.

it’s always hard for me to describe these travels – it’s work, but only sometimes and at points feels like work because of the love for dance. It’s pleasure, but definitely is work too, but oh, so much FUN. Plus, the bonding of our teams on this trip is just incredible – everyone comes back raving about their new experiences, the thrill of performing on an international stage, and the friendships made are usually extremely strong! So work? Holiday? WHO KNOWS.

Either way, I’ve been rushing around at final rehearsals, sourcing costume bits and pieces, beading my costume, OH and beading, trying to make sure the studio will be *gasp* ok without me for 2 weeks (I should really stop being anxious, I have such amazingly capable staff who always hold the fort well when I’m absent), doing all the last minute things, final purchases, squeezing in last moment meetings and trying to tee up meetings and work for when I return. Madness.

i CAN’T WAIT to be gone. And feeling like this.



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