delusional man = wonderful

So I’m sitting there reading a blog, and exclaiming, full of pouts and envy, about how absolutely stunning this fashion blogger is. I mean, she’s is out of this world beautiful, and photographs a charm to boot. I am in absolute awe and cannot stop staring at her perfection.

Me: (pointing at screen) oh WOW, this girl is so gorgeous!

Him: (looks up, glances over, looks back down) Nope.

Me: Uh, I think you need to look again, because you are clearly BLIND.

Him: (looks again) No way.

Me: What do you mean? This girl is stunning! Look at her eyes, her face, her hair, her legs!

Him: Honey, quit squawking. She’s not beautiful.

Me: Ok, WHAT makes her decidedly NOT beautiful??

(Note – i don’t know why I got so worked up but somehow I want him to have the same taste in women as I do!)

Him: She’s not you.

And off he goes, back to reading his own thing. Like he didn’t even have to think about it.

That, everyone, is love. Deluded surely, but oh ever so pleasing love.


2 responses to “delusional man = wonderful

  1. This man needs to work in PR!

  2. this man needs to find me a man.

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