mummy love

Today was my mum’s birthday. Never have I ever known a woman more resilient, more loving, more kind and generous, more intelligent, all in the one package. My mum is one of those women, the ones we dream of becoming – who are amazingly capable and successful career women who are revered in their field, whilst being an incredibly loving and thoughtful mother, wife and friend. She’s effortlessly gorgeous, looks 20 years younger than she is, and has a smile that lights up a room. And when I say lights up a room, I mean over the years, several strangers have commented on its magical abilities to lift anyone’s spirits.

My mum is fearless and adventurous – a few weeks ago she was the most gung-ho in our family about going white water rafting – and a thrill seeker. She’s eccentric and lovable, so gleefully so with her love of puns, language plays, and light hearted ribbing. She’s a mum who encourages you to achieve all your potential, who pushes us kids to greater limits, who inspires us with her own work constantly. She’s a constant source of pride, loving thought, and vibrant energy, whilst being always there for a chat, some love, or a hug.

And sometimes, just when I think she’s so awe-inspiring, high-achieving and am about to give up even pretending to aspire to the same lofty heights as her, I see that she’s gifted my sister this teeshirt, and all is right in the world again, because my mum is awesome and also sometimes, just plain hilarious.

one night stand pun teeshirt

Happy birthday to the most amazing mum in the world. I know people think I’m biased, but it’s the absolute truth.


2 responses to “mummy love

  1. It couldn’t have been said any better than that. Hear hear!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA love the t-shirt and how much glee it brought us when we saw it! i think i want one too…

    Aunty Anne PLEEEEAAASSE??!!!

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