chats over cuppas

I do love having friends over, and all my girlfriends know that a tuppa-tea is one of my favourite hot drinks to chill out over. I’ve somehow even managed to win most of them over to my style of a tuppa-tea – slightly milkier than usual and a good dollop of honey in it. When they come over, it’s like a tea-party, natch.

On the recent trip to Bali, the exciting buy for me was some great ceramic-ware, specifically, a gorgeous tea set. We stayed in a gorgeous estate, and wanted to know where to buy some of the lovely ceramic-ware we were eating and drinking out of daily. We were brought to the famous Jenggala ceramics. Everything in there was incredibly breathtaking, but with a conspiratorial  smile, our driver whisked us to what was apparently Jenggala’s factory outlet, with equally beautiful items at half the price!

So here goes it, my new tea set. Can’t wait for the first catch up I have with the girls over these, and biscuits for dunking.

Bali ceramic tea set


One response to “chats over cuppas

  1. …it is a must to drink out of coffee or tea cup that reflects your personality! I totally like your choice of cool cups! So Sharon, where do you escape to when your drinking from them! Back on holidays…longing for the next holiday…or back to nature the simple life – no stress! mmm I feel like going out to buy a new coffee cup! j.

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