a quick asian meal

Most nights I get home past 10.45pm and am hankering for a hearty dinner. Whilst I’d like to be organized enough to have cooked enough for the week, most weekends are too filled with work/dance/events to contemplate the following week!

This recipe is pretty perfect in that it’s yummy, healthy, one-pot, easy and goes from “pull ingredients from pantry” to “devour like a hungry beast” in just 20 minutes flat (the length of time it takes to cook the rice). Disclaimer: I hesitate to call it “Asian” – since it’s nothing my family members would eat in Singapore, but hey, it has soy sauce in it so there.

Step 1: Wash rice, pop it in rice cooker and turn it on. Pull ingredients from pantry and lament not having any fresh vegetables, save for some tired looking mushrooms. Chop the onions. Chat inanely to self.

Step 2: Sauté the onions in some oil. I used olive oil. Enjoy the smell of onions cooking. Mmmm. Sprinkle a teaspoon of sesame oil in there. Behold the fragrance.

sautéing the onions

sautéing the onions

Step 3: Throw your minced pork into the pot. Yes, I’m aware you’re supposed to cook it in bits otherwise it steams rather than browns. It’s 11pm and I haven’t eaten dinner, I don’t care. I ain’t doing it in batches.

browning the minced meat

browning the minced meat

Step 4: Decide for nutrition, you’re going to throw a hunk of frozen vegetables in there. No, don’t defrost them first. People, it’s 11pm!

vegetables added to pot

Step 5: When the vegetables have defrosted a bit, throw your mushrooms in there as well. Mmm. Mushrooms.

cooking the mushrooms

Step 6: Remember you haven’t boiled the water for stock. Rush to do so frantically, mumbling under your breath. Make a cup of vegetable or chicken or beef broth. I like Massell powder for this.

making vegetable stock

Step 7: Pour the broth/stock into your pot. Also add: dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, and your choice of the following: mirin, white wine, sprite. If you have none, then don’t bother. Black pepper is good. Chilli flakes also good if you like a bit of heat. Sometimes if I’m a bit bored I chuck some coriander in there. Or spring onions. Not both. Be generous with seasonings – you are eating this over rice so you need some flavour!

pour stock into pot

failing to take a good picture of the pouring

Step 8: Stir, let simmer. Get bored. Stir a bit more. Hungrily look at pot. Stir again. Will the process to go faster.

stirring the pot

expert stirring at work

Step 9: When you have done a taste test and adjusted seasonings as needed, pour it all into a big bowl for devouring time.

minced meat stirfry

Step 10: Serve with rice, and I like it with some fried eggs too.

stir fry with eggs on rice

Try it for yourself. This dish has everything going for it! One pot means easy cleanup, it’s super quick, it’s very healthy with minimal fat in it. You can use fresh vegies, and go for any kind that you like, and substitute the pork mince with beef or chicken if you desire. You can serve it over noodles or rice, and keeps very well for a couple of days. It’s extremely forgiving – as long as you get your seasonings right with a combination of light and dark sauce, some broth/stock, and something sweet (wine, sprite, mirin), you will be just fine with just about any proportion of ingredients!



5 responses to “a quick asian meal

  1. I do this too! It reminds me of the topping used for “Hot Plate Tofu (铁板豆腐):p

  2. It is goood!!!

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