ball on a budget

A few weeks ago Steve took me to a ball, a real, bonafide ball. It wasn’t till about a week before the ball that he threw in the fact that it was SUPER FORMAL, “all the girls at work are getting all dressed up, hair done, makeup, etc and gowns, definitely gowns”. Well that threw me off completely – not because I have an issue with LACK of dresses/frocks/gowns. More because I had just injured my ankle, and all my gowns involve slits or slightly above the ankle action, where a decidedly ugly strapping tape would show rather unattractively.

I was in Singapore when he told me about the formality of the ball, with only a week to find something (and a budget that made me weep), and so decided to take advantage of the Great Singapore Sale to find me a suitable ball outfit that kept me in glamorous bent without breaking the bank.

The ball was held at the Regent Ballroom, underneath the iconic Regent theatre. I couldn’t get a good photo – but it was absolutely stunning with high ceilings, chandeliers everywhere, amazing amazing, just so lush and decadent.

Regent Ballroom, Melbourne, Australia

Regent Ballroom, Melbourne, Australia

I managed to find this steal of a gown from MNG, one of my favourite brands for affordable fashion. It was on super sale, so ended up being just $89 (SGD). For a ball gown! YAYY! Plus, I could see it being worn on a summer’s day with some strappy sandals equally easily, so it wasn’t a strict formalwear buy. Gotta love multi-functional buys!

Sharon Pakir at the Ball - Regent Ballroom - 2010

At the entrance of Regent Ballroom

Hair – curled by hairdresser and updo-ed by me. Makeup – done with all the items in my makeup travel kit (fuss-free is good!). Shawl – $20 pashmina from Arab St stall in Singapore. Shoes – $49 from MNG in Singapore. Ankle Strap – courtesy of Olympic Park medical Centre. Dress – $89 from MNG in Singapore. Smile – free, Steve-inspired.

We made a pretty couple, I think:

Steve & Sharon at the Ball - Regent Ballroom - 2010

I MAY OR MAY NOT have had a hissy fit about not being able to wear high heels due to my injury, and feel all glamorous, about 20 minutes before leaving the house. Maybe, I may have thrown myself on the bed in a fit of despair. I may also have tried on about 4 pairs of heels in vain before collapsing in pain. Perhaps, if I were a naughtier person, I would’ve put on flats and then went on a 10 minute tirade about everyone thinking how UNFASHIONABLE I was. Perhaps. But of course, this remains between me and Steve. Forever.

It ended up being a wonderful night. No one could see my flatties under this gorgeous gown. Steve treated me like an absolute princess, even dashing out in the rain to hail me a cab whilst I waited in warm comfort. We took photos in the photobooth, and made merry and even had a bit of a hobbled dance. It was perfect. Plus, the dress held up, didn’t need fidgeting, was draped in a way to allow me to eat the 3 course meal without bulging. Sometimes the best fashion isn’t the most expensive fashion.

Steve n Sharon at the ball


4 responses to “ball on a budget

  1. HELLO GORGEOUS! U look smokin’ hot in that dress! 😉

  2. You guys rock. Lovin’ your blog by the way, it’s great to learn more about you as a person. And Steve is adorable! I guess we are both lucky we have great guys. You looked fantastic, love MNG, one of my all time favourite brands (in Europe it’s known as “Mango”). And the buy is very multifunctional can definately see you wearing it at Bali Salsa Festival next year! x hope your ankle heals quickly.

  3. throwing a tanty i read… be good and you’ll be back, sprinting in stilettos in no time.

    loveyou and steve very very much!

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