the sanctuary

We have about 2 months to moving now, and S and I are getting more excited by the day. We’ve now got a lot of our furniture, and are in the process of finding the last few gems (some gorgeous Asian antiques – another post about those!), and choosing colors – paints, walls, wallpapers, themes, etc.

I’ve done a little style sheet here for our bedroom. The furniture we’ve bought is pretty much what you see in the bottom right hand corner, and those bedlinens are our actual ones from Sheridan. We both love the pretend-chandelier, S has his sights on a Ming style antique wardrobe as pictured, and I love the wallpaper snippet pictured, and paint colors as shown. What do you think?

(And …. Could you recommend any specific paint colors we should be looking out for? We’re a bit terrified of relying on paint chips!!)



2 responses to “the sanctuary

  1. LOVE!

    Anyhow, with regard to paint/colours, what are you looking at? Cream? Gray? Others? Honestly, the colour books/palettes are quite accurate – I’ve never chosen a colour and been surprised so to speak.

    But then again, I do live in a pink room… I’m not surprised but many are =P

    And did you know you can create your own colour with ICI Dulux? They have that service here in Singapore at Home Fix.

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