10 reasons to love Pretty Woman

The reasons why Pretty Woman is STILL, as a full grown adult, one of my favorite movies of all time. Why when I got home and discovered it was on TV tonight, I squealed and RAN to the couch and plonked myself down delightedly. Why I think Pretty Woman gets precedence over State of Origin and Steve has to read about State of Origin online instead.

  1. Not because it’s a princess fairy tale movie, but because it’s a tale of the importance of intimacy and laughter in a real relationship.
  2. Because that scene where she kisses him on the lips for the first time is soul-achingly tender.
  3. Because she showed up snooty shop assistants, and every woman knows about those ones that can reduce you to feeling like a high school not-popular-or-pretty-enough teenager again. FTW!
  4. Because she wears culottes with a suit jacket! And even in 2010, it looks fashionable and classy!
  5. Because Costanza, despite being a jerk in this movie, has hair and is thin. It’s a novelty.
  6. Because Richard Gere plays a real good man – not because of his money, but because of his stand up for his woman values, his ability to love someone so far below him on the totem pole, and well, his cheekbones, err, yes.
  7. Because Julia plays an amazing woman – who keeps her head screwed on, tells it like it is, doesn’t play stupid games, and believes in herself.
  8. Because their penthouse suite has bright. pink. carpet.
  9. Because Vivian is a gorgeous name, and so is Edward.
  10. Mostly, because Steve told me he didn’t need to watch it with me, because he had already found one.

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