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When it comes to bedlinen, I’m a Sheridan girl. I take my homewares seriously, and don’t believe in buying crap when it comes, especially, to things that touch your skin, and that you spend a third of the 24hours per day in (well, in a perfect world where you sleep 8 hours anyway).

As soon as I found out we were moving into our new house, I turned to Steve with big doe eyes and implored him to let me buy a king sized bed. And before you get all “but Sharon you are just a teeny tiny waif”, people, he is a big man. Once, he rolled over onto me in his sleep and I woke up from the sounds of my own gasping breath, asphyxiating from the sheer weight crushing my ribcage. So blissfully in slumber was he that I had to kick his shin to make him roll off, pleasantly mumbling sleepy noises to himself whilst I heaved a sigh of relief.

So we got our king sized bed (see this post) from Adriatic Furniture. We got our amazing mattress, after making the poor man try out about 100 mattresses. (“But I’d sleep on anything! I don’t care!” he protested, until he lay on a latex one and firmly said, “I’m not sleeping on that.” After that he was very involved in the choosing).

Cue, BEDLINEN. I am obsessed with bedlinen, and will happily accompany anyone on a trip to buy them. I love the matchy matchy process, the hours spent feeling up different fabrics, the coo-ing over gorgeous displays. As soon as the Myer sale hit, off I went with Shamini in tow. And dudes, Sheridan did NOT disappoint.

I got these ones below and cannot wait to style them on my dark bed, some richly colored walls, and a handsome man nestled in them.

Sheridan Deluxe Living Chatworth

Sheridan Deluxe Living Chatworth Range

Sheridan Deluxe Living Haines Range

Sheridan Deluxe Living Haines Range


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