domestic goddess guide

My personal recipe for using up the Broccoli in the fridge (or any other tired looking vegetables). This pleases me so because I am absolutely that person who has GREAT intentions when supermarket shopping, and then ends up a week later with all these vegetables in the fridge I can’t really use because they look well, bedraggled, but don’t want to waste.

Sharon’s Vegetable Soup (Broccoli & Mushroom in this case)

  1. Stare at tired looking broccoli in fridge.
  2. Discover package of mushrooms you have no other use for.
  3. Sautee 1 onion in olive oil whilst you chop up broccoli extremely randomly.
  4. Chuck some garlic in the pan if you so desire.
  5. Throw broccoli into pan.
  6. Dump mushrooms in pan. Splash leftover white wine over it all.
  7. Consider having a sip, and realize it’s inappropriate.
  8. Boil water for stock, use Massel powder and mix up a crapload of it as you’re not sure how much you need.
  9. Give the pan a stir. When everything seems right, pour stock over it to cover.
  10. Let simmer, covered, until all vegetables are soft.
  11. Pour the leftover cream from last night’s steak dinner into the pan. Sit and think about that awesome steak. Stir it all through.
  12. Toast some bread.
  13. Use your bamix or blender to blend to a creaminess. Season to taste.
  14. Stir some cheese through if you want.
  15. Enjoy!

One response to “domestic goddess guide

  1. “one pot meal: throw chicken, leeks and potatoes into a pot, add water and boil. 1 tsp salt, pepper to taste.” from Eattolive, mind your body, the Straits Times, July 22, 2010

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