zumba for corporate!

Hello friends,

As most of you know, I’ve recently left the world of my day job to pursue my true passion in life – coaching, facilitation and consultancy in developing more capable people.

Since leaving VLA, I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate some truly great workshops and team-building days, and it has re-inforced my belief that I have made the right choice. There is nothing like emerging from a session with a group of people who are newly energized, have learnt some great skills, and feel confident to be better team mates and workers!

In doing these sessions, I have also had some suggestions about tying in dance to the corporate work I do, and think this is a great idea.

Over the next few weeks, I will be developing some programs using dance to build relationships, confidence, leadership and skills that are essential to workplace success!

For now though, I do have my new favourite activity available, ZUMBA!

Our Zumba Corporate classes include:

• Lunchtime 45 Min Power Fitness Sessions (Casual One-off workshop or Ongoing)

• Half-day Team-Building Session

• Full-day Team-Building & Leadership Sessions

If you are part of a team, or know of one that would find sessions like this valuable, or even have a HR team that would like suggestions on some new exciting activities, I would love to hear from you!

ZUMBA CORPORATE – Click on this link to download the Zumba for Corporate Information Sheet!


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