a place for rest

I’ve spent the last month feverishly trawling through furniture and decor type websites looking for inspiration, since Steve wants to get most of the planning/furniture purchasing out of the way well before we move in – he’s just a fabulously organised man like that.

I’m giving special attention to decorating our bedroom – rest and relax time is something both of us don’t get a whole lot of between our crazy schedules, with him leaving the house before 7am most mornings and me not getting back till past 10pm most nights. Often the best moments we have are at bedtime, with rambling chats and laughter as we reflect upon the day past.

With that in mind, I want to create a true haven, a sanctuary for peaceful rest, and keep it quite masculine for his sake and elegant for mine. I found this picture months ago and decided I loved the clean lines of this furniture, and the contrast it had to the coloured walls. Somewhat amazingly, we both have purchased almost exactly the pieces as shown, in Adriatic Furniture right here in Melbourne. The clincher? That I didn’t even realise it was so similar till I chanced upon the picture again in Evernote!


So excited about so many things – having a king sized bed (squeal!!!), gorgeous bedlinen, dark classic furniture and the perfect man to share it all with.

We made some pretty exciting purchases on the weekend, so more pictures coming very soon!


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