birthday thanks

Dear friends,

Thank you for all your birthday wishes, gifts, hugs, phone calls, smses and more. I am stunned by the generosity, love, wishes and hopes you have all expressed and lavished upon me yesterday. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world, and turning one year older to become 23 (*sobbing*) was meant to be a painful day, and instead you all successfully kept my yearly birthday rage at bay because all the warm fuzzies kept taking over instead due to the unrelenting reminders of wonderful relationships and friendships I have.

The day started out as a comedy of errors, with idiotic running stockings, clumsy me, some rage, and general dismay at a bad day pending. However nothing prepared me for the onslaught of delivery after delivery of gifts/flowers, cake, cards, smses and general messages filled with happiness and great well wishes.

Today, in the aftermath, I have walked into work after being fed at a gorgeous dinner yesterday, to an office filled with flowers, cards and gifts, emails and other reminders of how truly fantastic yesterday was, and a general reminder that I am so very loved.

I love all of you too! Warm! Fuzzy! Whee! Thank you!


the one who will eventually get to thinking about the oldness. probably tonight. wait for the sobbing phone call!



One response to “birthday thanks

  1. happy birthday again girlie! =) i’m so glad i managed to celebrate your birthday with you in some way. loveyou lots and always!xoxoxo

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