use your brain!

So being at this linguistics conference has been phenomenal – it’s linguistics with a focus on learning and development, and it has brought to Brazil some of the current foremost minds in the field. And guess who’s been chillin with them bitches? 🙂

The funny thing is, it has rekindled my love for linguistics. And being able to hold my own with some of the world’s greatest academics in this field has been amazing. AND sitting till late at night sipping caipirinhas and chatting. It has been tremendously growth-ful, incredibly inspiring, fabulous, and generally has made me remember all the reasons intellectual stimulation is just so great.

It’s made me reconsider further study. What’s even better is that THE MAIN dude, he has taken me under his wing – says he’s inspired by what I tell him about my work and teaching techniques and language transformation. (!!!) and then… on the last day of the conference… he opened up his speech with me and my teaching techniques. AMAZING. after the conference ALL the professors from diff countries were running up to me gasping, “did you HEAR that? Oh my GOD! YOU have inspired HIM!!!”

So bizarre. I haven’t really processed this aspect of the trip yet but the passion I feel for applied linguistics has restarted, and this guy’s mentoring of me all week has been great. He’s forced me to articulate and formalize a lot of theory I have been using without realizing, and has probed deep into my mind about future pathways. It has been affirming, mind boggling, a huge learning curve, and I’m no longer as stressed about my future. Because of him.


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