the final countdown (sao paulo) – brasil

On my last night, L’s partner D decided he would take me out after dinner – we went to this really nice swanky bar that was like something out of New York – beautiful people, floor to ceiling shelves of Absolute, chill out groove music, etc. We met 3 of his friends there, and they decided it was time for me to see the really party side of Brazil, so we went to what was described to me as “a big club” by D. Rather ominously I thought! They kept screaming in broken English “Real Party! We show you REAL PARTY!”

So we pull up after a raucous taxi ride to this GIANT concrete building – with a driveway and valets and everything. We “checked in”, and then walked down these carpets to security guards who didn’t just weapons screen you, they also went through every part of your handbag in grave details, and then AND THEN AND THEN patted EVERY part of your body down (to point of discomfort or arousal, depending who you are I guess). I mean, I am talking, I had bits patted that haven’t been patted by any of my close friends. BITS ladies, like, could i really be holding a knife in my bum crack?

So D is describing it to me as we walk in. 2000 people every Saturday night. 3 sections – a swimming pool section, a trance section, and an 80’s house section. Ok, sounds good.

Nothing however prepared me for the scale of this club. You know like the mafioso club in Bad boys 2, with the CRAZY epileptic fit causing strobe lights, the THOUSANDS of people, bodys gyrating, podiums everywhere, music pounding so hard it makes your heart thump too? it was crazier than that. Like, the lights nearly made me pass out until I got used to it 20mins in. Then I had a better look around.

And everyone was… beautiful. Like, well built, and muscly, and hang on, half NAKED, and WAIT, MALE! He had brought me to a 70% gay club that was known for err, some sexuality! So there we are, dancing in the midst of hundreds of gay men, some girls, some straight men (ALSO, might i add, half naked). IT WAS AMAZING to behold!

So to summarize: 10 bars in the place. 3 DJ booths the size of cars. Strobe AND colored AND laser lighting everywhere. Supreme darkness except for lighting and naked flesh gyrating everywhere. Everyone young and gorgeous and well built. And half naked. Unisex restrooms where duos kept emerging from stalls, not even shy. Massive making out happening everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Random people coming up to other random people, tapping them on shoulder, pashing and grabbing, then nonchalantly parting.

I have been to sexy parties. And I have been to nightclubs with heavy scenes. NOTHING like this. music pounding louder than i’ve ever heard it, strobe lights EVERYWHERE so it’s hard to focus. On one of the podiums, 1 girl making out with 2 half naked men. i’m not talking kissing. I’m talking, her dress hitched up to her boobs displaying g string, them both grabbing her breasts and butt, crotches not even pretending to not have sex, her kissing both of them at same time, them pulling her hair, and licking her entire body, an incredible display of raw sex. It was… insane. On a podium.

Mostly lots of men making out with each other. It was amazing to watch – actually quite gorgeous in some cases (where they were shy or romantic or loving) and also some quite sexual. It was just the thing to do here, clearly. One of the girls in our group got randomly pashed 3 times, once by a guy she didn’t even see the face of! It was an experience for sure!

We ended up drinking and dancing till pretty late. I only had one approach from a guy, and he kept begging me “oh, just kiss me, come on!” but left after lingering for a while and realizing it was NOT going to happen!

We stayed till 6.30am – D was disappointed coz he had wanted to do the “quintessential Brasil experience” of making me dance till 8am then go straight for bloody marys for breakfast, but I was wrecked.

What a way to end Sao Paulo.

Such a contrast from the 2 nights before, where there was no danger whatsoever, no seediness, just the richest people clubbing (entry alone was 65usd), and crazy sexuality. Craziness. Oh, and a gun shot heard from the taxi on the way back to hotel.

I still am in love.


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  1. i love it! PARTY!

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