she swings so cool and sways so gently… – brasil

Well after going to see Christ the Redeemer and also wandering around Rio quite a bit, I decided to make use of my one afternoon in Rio and go BE the girl from ipanema.

Walked over to Ipanema Beach (big waves! gorgeous bodies! gorgeous nakedness!), spread my sarong out, and guys, you would NOT believe this – lay still with my thoughts, the sun, the ipod blasting bossa nova, people watching and relaxing, for 3 hours.

No reading. No laptop. No phone. No anything, but me and my thoughts and feelings. And my relaxing.


Are you all proud? You should well be!!

It was phenomenal. Absolutely what my heart and brain needed.

And how nice to do it on Ipanema Beach – the one place that truly represents peace in my heart.


2 responses to “she swings so cool and sways so gently… – brasil

  1. i cant believe you relaxed. Like that, without the book or anything! I’m muy muy impressed.

  2. I’m surprised your brain didn’t spontaneously combust from the experience.

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