rio, baby. – brasil

Rio first impressions – smelly. Tacky. The difference between Miami and New York is the difference between Rio and Sao Paulo. Rio is some giant beaches and a giant statue and lots of concrete and favela in between. We are staying in an awesome location – literally overlooking Copacabana Beach. It’s a nice enough town, It’s just not Sao Paulo. We only have 1.5 days here but already I feel like we shouldn’t have left SP. Boo.

Some highlights:

  • Restaurants that WEIGH your meal by the volume. LOVE IT.
  • Random musicians everywhere playing bossa nova, indeed, girl from ipanema, everywhere.
  • I am wearing more clothes than anyone here!
  • The most gorgeous men I have ever seen, to date, in all my travels.

Don’t have much to say about Rio – was there only 40 hours and really only managed to get a couple of things done… overall though, I know I’m a Sao Paulo girl at heart.


One response to “rio, baby. – brasil

  1. men are gorgeous, yes. But the girls are even better!

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