a true holiday day – brasil

Spending my last day in Sao Paulo sitting in a cafe on laptop for hours on end, people watching, enjoying copious amounts of coffee, chatting to random people locals and expats alike, musing, writing a lot, attaining clarity on the emotion of the last year.

The blog posts below are from the last few days that I have typed up now. Apologies for the proliferation of the words. It has just been incredible. Plus, the solitude of the days means I am feeling somewhat healed.

My Sao Paulo top ten:

1. Portuguese is literally the most beautiful language. it beats French. I’ve always thought this but now it has been drummed home.

2. Men walk around on the street, randomly smoking fat cigars.

3. Brazilians have no body issues. They just wear what they want.

4. These people invented shopping or something.

5. They believe in good food, good coffee, good lifestyle, no matter in what demographic or at what price point.

6. It’s just a huge melting pot of people of every skin color. It is so friggin great blending in.

7. The traffic is amazingly organized and crazy all at the same time. Every driver here is talented. Am dying to try driving here.

8. Color! Everywhere!

9. Music. Music. Music that makes your heart sing.

10. my heart. It is singing. I never want to come home.

I don’t know where home is.


One response to “a true holiday day – brasil

  1. nobody does anymore :(and i know what you mean, i want to not be here. xo baby girl

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