the 13 hr happy belly count

A list of the foods that have pleased me in 13 hours flat of being home. All items are linked for explanations for my Aussie family.
4. Old Chang Kee curry puff and fried sotong
6. Home made Chai
8. Iced Horlicks
Some of my favorite childhood foods, all in the one day. Only things missing were a proper chapati meal, sugar cane juice, and Chai Tow Kway. Will have to rectify on part 2 of trip, with a healthy serve of Dulang.
Things I did today since arriving at 7am – errands, banking, some work, hang with dad, go visit cousin in hospital and take her home, hang at Aunt’s house, drove around aimlessly wandering old memories with loud music drowning out any emotions it was all bringing up, get fed, pack for Brasil, more chats with dad. Now for dinner, then off to the airport again!
Missing all of you!

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