brasil, here I come

So, today in a particularly unsettling example of cultural clash, I
had a first hand witnessing of le crazy Brazilian.

Me, calling Brazilian consulate to check status of visa application:
Hi there, is Aurea available please?

Crazy lady: (audible sigh) NoNoNO!! NOOOOOO!! Aurea is NOT AVAILABLE
after 11.30!! (mutter mutter grumble noises)

Me, taken aback: err, well ok, err… I just needed to check on the
status of my visa application and…

Crazy lady: WHAT do you want me to do?? I am RECEPTION, you no
understand?? This visa is your problem, not mine!!

Me, feeling like i'm in some kind odd dream: well err, you can't put
me through to Aurea. Or say, check on my application quickly…

Crazy lady who would hit me if she could: (heavy frustrated sigh) WHAT
you no understand? This is no my problem!! You call tomorrow before
1130!! I cannot check viada! I cannot leave desk! I reception!! Aurea
is in office and I no cannot cannot go and…

Me, hurriedly interjecting before she has a seizure: ok so don't worry
I'll call tomorrow…

Crazy lady: THIS IS what I SAY!! Why you no listen?! This visa is your
problem not mine!!

Slams phone down.

Brazil is going to be one huge telenovela, I can tell already, and if
my last few travels are indicative, I'm sure it'll be tales of
hilarity all round. Exhaustion!!


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